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Welcome to BVFC Lawn & Pet Department

Welcome to BVFC Lawn & Pet Department

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The biggest question the general public has about BVFC's Lawn and Pet division is "Do you have to be a member of the Co-Op to buy from the lawn and pet store?"  The answer to that question is "NO".  Anyone can come to our store and purchase products without being a member. With our expansion in 2009 we have become the area leader in the lawn and pet area.  With over 7000 items to serve your needs Blanchard Valley Lawn and Pet has what you need to get the job done.  We carry pet food, pet supplies, pet grooming, Propane sales, general feed supplies, bird food, grass seed, pond chemicals, and general farm supplies.  The list just doesn't stop there we carry many more items that can meet your needs.  Stop in to see what BVFC's Lawn and Pet Division can do for you.


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